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Hummelstown Area Historical Society: A 50 Year Treasure

Since 1971, the Historical Society has had a commitment to create a collection of historical publications about the history of the area. Toward this end, collections as well as individual books and reports have been donated.  These items have recently been reviewed, sorted, and catalogued in order to improve their accessibility to the general public.

The Society’s Library at 32 West Main Street includes history books, almanacs, county atlases, historical records, anthologies, genealogies, photograph albums, yearbooks, and Hummelstown commemorative books.  And, of course, past editions of the Hummelstown Sun are available on microfiche. Several publications, noted below, are available for purchase.

Indian Echo Caverns…A History by Richard Hartwell, 1990

Family Bible Records at the Hummelstown Area Historical Society by Janet  Welsh and Arlene Huss, 1996

Records of Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery, Hummelstown by Janet Welsh and Arlene Huss, 1999

The Wagon and Carriage Industry in Hummelstown, 1832 – 1906 by Richard Hartwell and Edited by William Jackson, 2012

Rifles and Muskets on the Swatara: Clandestine Hummelstown Factory Armed the Revolution by J. Wayne Heckert, 2012

Revolutionary War Veterans Buried in Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery (Hummel Cemetery), 2013

The Hummelstown Brownstone Quarry: A Community Heritage by Ben  Olena, 2015


Selected copies of the Hummelstown High School’s  Tatler Yearbook and Lower Dauphin’s Falconaire Yearbook are available.

Upcoming Publications

Society’s Anthology of Speeches & Articles

A History of the Society’s 50 Years

Hummelstown’s Historical Timeline

Good Neighbors, A Booklet About Local Communities, Crossroads & Neighborhoods

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Library & Offices are housed at the 1908 History House, located at 32 W. Main Street, Hummelstown, PA 17036

Museum is located at the 1815 Parish House located directly behind the Zion Lutheran Church at the corner of Rosanna Street and North Alley

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