About the Hummelstown Area Historical Society

Established 1971

The Society's Founding

The Historical Society was established in 1971 with the signing of Articles of Incorporation. This step was taken after several years of discussions and planning by local towns people who were concerned with the loss of the area’s rich history and traditions. During that first year, officers were elected; memberships were sought; general meetings were scheduled, guest speakers made presentations, and historical artifacts and memorabilia were collected. These activities have continued for fifty years and make the Historical Society a community treasure. 

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Historical Society is to preserve and educate the public about the area’s history, and to be a community resource to other groups and organizations. The Society is committed to educational practices and professional museum activities, enhanced by technological applications.

The Parish House

In 1972, the Society rented two rooms from the Zion Lutheran Church in Hummelstown. The rooms would be used by the new organization for meetings and a small museum. The Parish House was built in 1815 on land originally donated by the town founder, Frederick Hummel. The Parish House is located at Rosanna Street and North Alley. The Hummel Cemetery adjoins the Parish House.

The future of the Parish House was uncertain until 2012 when the Society purchased the iconic structure from the church. With the purchase, the Historical Society was able to restore the building. The Society has also insured that the Parish House would continue to serve as one of the oldest public buildings in the county.    

1908 History House

The Society purchased the property at 32 West Main Street in 2007. The objective was to provide a convenient location for its library and administrative offices, increased storage areas, and additional space for meetings and displays.  The 1908 History House with its original oak woodwork and flooring, lighting, and cabinetry, installed by builder Joseph Brightbill, has become a local celebrity in its own right.

History House Office & Library Hours

Monday 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

Wednesday 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Society Membership

Support the Society’s education, preservation, community involvement, and student activities by becoming a member. Membership forms are available from the Society’s website or at the Society’s office.  A membership is a great way to support the 50 Year Treasure.

Preservation Fund

The Society invites its friends and members to celebrate its 50th Anniversary by donating to the Preservation Fund. Extensive renovations were recently made to the interior of first floor of the Parish House. But the mortar joints in the limestone structure are deteriorating. The Society has plans to repoint the exterior walls, starting with the east wall along Rosanna Street. Please help by mailing your donation to 32 West Main Street. Hummelstown, marked Preservation Fund.

Community Meetings & Outreach

Meeting rooms at the Historical Society are available to nonprofit organizations, clubs and groups, families, and businesses for special events. Weddings, baby showers, Christmas parties, general business meetings, and monthly club events have been held. Both the Parish House and 1908 History House provide unique facilities with historical settings with kitchens and family friendly bathrooms. To make a reservation, call the Society’s office.

Visit the Historical Society

Library & Offices are housed at the 1908 History House, located at 32 W. Main Street, Hummelstown, PA 17036

Museum is located at the 1815 Parish House located directly behind the Zion Lutheran Church at the corner of Rosanna Street and North Alley

We'd Love Your Support

As a non-profit, educational institution, the Hummelstown Area Historical Society relies on the generous support of individuals, businesses, foundations, and local and state governments to fund our programs. 

With your support, we can ensure the next 50 years of preserving the history of our wonderful community.

Hummelstown Treasure is a project of the Hummelstown Area Historical Society.

The Hummelstown Area Historical Society is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit.

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